Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The last few days

... have been good.

My mum just whipped BT into shape. Some £150 debt had somehow appeared on their address and thus I was being forced to pay it. But mum shouted and now its gone and hopefully my phone line is sorted so I won't have to keep coming into the library to blog about pointless things.

I've been watching far too much Dawson's Creek for someone a) no longer in the 1990s and b) someone over 17 this last week. I am half way through season 2. I have noticed several things:
1. Jen (Michelle Williams?) waddles. Not a little bit, like a lot. She has no grace whatsoever in this program.
2. Fuck me is Joey (the one that married Tom Cruise) a whiny little annoying cow.
3. I want to hold a 90s party.
4. where the hell has Bessie's black boyfriend gone? He was overemphasised to the point that I don't remember his name - Jody, Body, Brody? - but now he seems to have disappeared. Now the only black guy in the whole show is an extra that has popped up in a camera pan at the school dance and in a camera pan across Capeside. They like black people in their shots apparently.
5. Dawson is weird looking. I'm sorry James van der Beek, but there is something unnerving about you.
6. I have a horrid feeling I have, at some point, talked like these precocious scripted weirdos.
7. Why did everyone have bad shoes in the 90s? Like, what are these sandally things? The ones with big wedges that were usually black and plasticy with elastic straps across them.I remember having some. Was there a bulk order for every girl around then? Either way, they were FIT.
8. I could cut the teen angst filling up my room with a knife. I swear I need to make my life more dramatic. "I just started doing art" "Oh yeah, that's a nice hobby" "It's my life dream you bastard you asshole what do you mean hobby oh fuck you I'm going to cut myself".
9. On the back cover of the Dvds it doesn't mention Andie McPhee but it mentions her brother. Oh told.
10. I felt I should get to ten. But there really isn't anything here. Oh actually, how about... Dawson's dad. DILF.

Clearly, Pacey is the only lead character that I don't have some large problem with, despite the frosting.

That is my thought for the day.

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