Saturday, 16 January 2010


Today, I made my first brownies ever. Triple chocolate, using 80% dark chocolate. You can find the recipe here. My plan is to make a batch of Nigella's walnut brownies, substituting half walnuts for some cherries, so as keeping with my becoming a domestic goddess. However, I couldn't forget my sister's batch of these wonderful, gooey brownies that I tasted a year or so ago. She pointed me in the direction of this recipe and now me, Rob and Arlo are in brownie heaven. A small square is literally enough at a time - it's so rich and flavoursome with chunks of the milk and white chocolate mingling with the dark chocolate and cocoa.


I also really liked the way the butter and sugar are creamed in this recipe. Using a mixer - or in my case a hand blender - adds air into it, meaning the whole mixture (provided you don't fold all the other ingredients in too hard) is fluffy and light. The mixture of this tasted wonderful in the bowl and the smell in my kitchen was so good. The smell intermingled a little with the chilli con carne I made only half an hour before that - which, for the record, is very good using quorn mince (what I had left in the cupboard) and a splosh of lea & perrins.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Ah, whoops

Okay yes, I've let this slip a bit. Personally I think that tweeting has slightly taken over the blogging. Slightly.

Regardless I have made good headway on expanding my cooking skills, again slightly. Made my first hot pot, clafoutis, soups. Lots of new things. Which I promise there'll be pictures of. Probably.

Me and my flatmate, Rob, decided that rather than going for the healthy eating drive we'd been more talking about than actually undertaking, that I should try and work my way through Nigella Lawson's How to Be a Domestic Goddess. This book, which I found in my previous student house on the kitchen window sill might I add, has roughly 250 recipes. I think I'm currently up to 15 fully completed, but I'm going to do a count off every time I do one.

Plus, I keep finding pictures of the things I've done so every time I find one, I'll post it up here.