Saturday, 28 March 2009

More pictures of new hobby

Forgot I created some more catimals.

This is Sylvia. She is the identical twin of the one I made for Towler.

Identical ish. She's the other way round and her stripes are vertical.

They look like they were conjoined from where I put the outside sewing.

Luckily for the next one I learnt how to sew invisible stitiches or he'd have a very odd looking head. He is a space invader .... cat? ... made from Jason's old space invader style top. So yeah, he's pretty odd looking, but was fun to cut out and sew. I like his horns :D

Poo Poo Poo

Busy busy week of work work work.

Though there was some Nando's based fun, involving towering frozen yoghurt. Always good. Except the way I say frozen yoghurt - "frozen yo-gurt" like Americans instead of "yoh-gut". Oh well, I am awfully Americanised.

Am supposed to be seeing Ben Lee tonight, but instead I am feeling terribly sorry for myself. Andy's bust his back so I refuse to let him go or he'll be in pain the whole time. Now I can't go. Damn me and my obscure music taste - no one else knows who he is goddammit :(

Ahh well. I have had a good gig run. And yeah, this is only the first time in about 3 years that he's been to the UK. But I'm sure I'll get another chance.

I'm going to sulk and get a pizza instead. Over-eating will comfort me in my moment of sadness. I may as well eat and eat all the things I like anyway seeing as I will be living off potatoes and rice in Uganda.



Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New hobby alert!!

I found the idea for my new hobby a while ago on a funny little website, and since then I've been bugging myself to make one. So I had a few hours to kill this afternoon and a shirt donated by my friend...

This is the result!

He is sad because someone stole all his organs and stuffed him with pillow stuffing and then sewed him up with bright yellow thread. Poor little cat-bear. He hasn't got a name yet, that's for my friend Towler to decide.

I made the scarf out of some shoe lace I found.

I showed my housemate Jason and have thus been provided with a grey t shirt to make more with! I really enjoyed making him actually.

Going to make a female version for myself now! Not sure how she'll turn out, but I'm excited. Will give her longer legs as his are a bit small!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Gloomy Saturday Afternoon

It was really sunny before. Where has the sun gone? I had the blinds drawn, the window open, Buena Vista Social Club blasting...

Now it's all gloomy and grr.

It was pretty awful weather in Cardiff too. The day James and I went to the Bay it completely soaked us as soon as we left his house, so we bought an umbrella and it didn't rain again all day! I shall probably put some Cardiff pictures up shortly. We went to the castle and had the walkie talkie doodahs that told us things about the castle. We also got shouted at because my flash kept going off. Oops.

Been doing animal behaviour reading all day. Quite proud of myself actually, though I don't want to lose my streak. Up to lecture 8 or so of 18, roughly. All fueled by dried mango, om nom nom.

I'm home alone. This is bizarre. Not used to being here solo.

On other notes, YAY RUGBY! Bit of a dull match at times, but at least we pulled it back.

I think we can all establish that this was a terribly pointless post.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

I should not be trusted with computers: A vista messup.

Well. I learnt several things the last couple of days.
1. Installing things off a usb is generally not a good idea, especially if it requires your computer to restart.
2. The product key for vista is on the bottom of the laptop.
3. Microsoft are stingy bastards for not sending out recovery discs any more.
4. Making your own recovery discs is a time sucker upper.
5. I am no good at computers.

So yes, I pestered Philip to fix it, and he saved all my stuff off my C drive so I can reinstall vista to there eventually... just need a recovery disc to start with. The first two I made have both fallen at the first hurdle.

Being in Phil's office was fun, though. I was playing with the spray air and spinning chairs and some sherbert I found in his desk.

6. An office is a playground when empty.

Fencing was good too. Realised I am desperately out of practice but that's good as it's spurring me even more to go again and again and get better and better. Got some nice ideas of things to do for the rest of the year to go out with a bang.

At least I have dinner to look forward to: Baked sausages in apples and onions, honeyed roasted parsnips, roast new potatoes with garlic and rosemary, roasted tarragon carrots and probably some mint peas to round it off. Yum yum yum.

7. Clearly food I create has to have other flavours and cannot simply taste of 'potato' it must be potato, garlic and rosemary!