Saturday, 14 March 2009

Gloomy Saturday Afternoon

It was really sunny before. Where has the sun gone? I had the blinds drawn, the window open, Buena Vista Social Club blasting...

Now it's all gloomy and grr.

It was pretty awful weather in Cardiff too. The day James and I went to the Bay it completely soaked us as soon as we left his house, so we bought an umbrella and it didn't rain again all day! I shall probably put some Cardiff pictures up shortly. We went to the castle and had the walkie talkie doodahs that told us things about the castle. We also got shouted at because my flash kept going off. Oops.

Been doing animal behaviour reading all day. Quite proud of myself actually, though I don't want to lose my streak. Up to lecture 8 or so of 18, roughly. All fueled by dried mango, om nom nom.

I'm home alone. This is bizarre. Not used to being here solo.

On other notes, YAY RUGBY! Bit of a dull match at times, but at least we pulled it back.

I think we can all establish that this was a terribly pointless post.

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