Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New hobby alert!!

I found the idea for my new hobby a while ago on a funny little website, and since then I've been bugging myself to make one. So I had a few hours to kill this afternoon and a shirt donated by my friend...

This is the result!

He is sad because someone stole all his organs and stuffed him with pillow stuffing and then sewed him up with bright yellow thread. Poor little cat-bear. He hasn't got a name yet, that's for my friend Towler to decide.

I made the scarf out of some shoe lace I found.

I showed my housemate Jason and have thus been provided with a grey t shirt to make more with! I really enjoyed making him actually.

Going to make a female version for myself now! Not sure how she'll turn out, but I'm excited. Will give her longer legs as his are a bit small!

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