Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Despite BT's ever brilliantly frustrating attempts to thwart the ease of moving into my new flat, we finally have a working phone line and, more importantly to the Web 2.0s of the world such as myself, we now have the internet. Up and running and working and connecting. Excellent. BT's last attempt was to send me an email saying the phone number had changed, which it hadn't. Ignoring all the several conversations with the incomprehensible uttering woman, it would have been moderately difficult.

I have been watching more Dawson's Creek. The latest things I have noticed are:
1. How slightly racially lacking this show is. Continuing on from my last mention of this, Dawson came in drunk to his 16th birthday party, spotted a slightly racial guy and went 'wassup dude'. Well done The Creek.
2. Grams' hair was dyed for an episode where it looked like she'd get a date. Then suddenly her gray roots were back.
3. The best line ever appeared in this program. It is so dated that Pacey remarked "Have you seen this guy's house? He's so rich they have a satellite dish". Other dated remarks include Joey's "I'm not going to get kissed again until the millenium".
4. I used to wear my hair like some of Abby's awful hair dos. I was 11. She was supposed to be a sex starved 16 year old. No wonder they killed her off.
5. Jen is still waddling.
6. The 90s really loved see through material in dresses. I know this because I have a cranberry coloured dress with a see through material shrug. At Abby's funeral both Jen and Andie were wearing dresses with see through bits. That's 1/3 of the main cast and 2/3 of the females. Excellent.

And I'm not going for 10 today. We'll see how many other thoughts pop up.

Also also I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the other day. Sadly I cannot remember as much of this book as I wanted. Just got Arlo all the audiobooks so I can remind myself of how much they missed out. However, from what I do remember, I think I can conclude that this is a good one. I felt that the last one had just about gotten it right. But this one, it hit the nail on the head. I didn't bawl my eyes out when Dumbledore died like in the book - for the record if you did't know that and are all now 'aww spoilers' you have no excuse to not know that - but I was pretty sad. They didn't really go into the 'Half Blood Prince' bit that much, but I expect as they have 2 films to spread the last book out over they can go into that as much as they want. Kind of defeating the point of the film I guess, but meh. My one teeny tiny little big request is this. Please please please dear god can they perhaps teach Bonnie Wright aka Ginny Weasley how to use vocal intonations. She seems to be quite flat. I don't want to be mean and bitchy. But please, a little more urgency/fear/happiness/romance/emotion in your voice might boost the character seeing as she is the love of Harry P's life and thus is terribly important. That is all.

I think that's all. I'm getting quite tired now. Have been doing field work all day at Manor Wood, otherwise known as "Man I Cannot See Anything But Fucking Ferns and Bogs and Nettles" Wood. Ho ho ho I am hilarious. But yeah, several dead voles today. Apparently non waterproof traps, cold rain and mud do not do well for poor little rodents. We rescued one from the brink of death and put him in Becci's pocket to heat him up then Jen made a crisp packet nest for him complete with bedding and grain. I hope Voley lived. But yeah, I forgot my lunch. Error. I was so hungry this evening as a result. Not only did field work in general make me hungry but the fact that all I'd eaten was a slice of wholemeal bread and jam in the morning made it all the more worse. Tomorrow, I shall take sandwiches and nibbles. Good plan.

Night night.
Nos da.
Sleep tight.

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