Sunday, 7 June 2009


I wonder how kissing started.

When you want to kiss someone, you get that burning feeling deep in your stomach which flips and twists with all the butterflies. You feel a wave of trembling that builds in your toes and tickles up your legs until you just feel like you might explode if you don't kiss them. Your eyes keep flitting to their lips. You feel an insatiable urge to just grab them.

How did that start? Is it part of our biologically imprinted mind? Is it in the roots of our deepest thoughts? Is it a cultural thing that took off? If so, how did it get going? The idea of touching lips together just sounds a bit weird when you look at it mechanically. But then, if you're going to look at things that way, then sex must be a joke. It has been argued that kissing allows you to taste and smell another person, to sense whether they are compatible for you. That makes sense. The way someone smells to me is very important. At the minute the smell of a nice aftershave is like catnip for me. I just go crazy for it.

All this mystery behind kissing is probably why your first kiss with someone is so strange and wonderful. The feeling of a new person upon your lips and their breath entwined with yours. First kisses come in a multitude of places; under the stars, at a restaurant, while stumbling around drunk in a bar, when you least expect it.

My recent first kiss was just bliss. Under the war memorial in the gardens by St George's hall, in the dead of night if that even exists in Liverpool. It was a quiet and cold night. It was possibly the most passionate kiss I've ever had. He kissed like the world was ending, and I was the last kiss he was ever going to get. Someone said to me that regardless of where this relationship actually goes, that the kiss sounds like its going to be a memorable one. I definitely think so.

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