Friday, 5 June 2009

Musical Musings

While my happily shows off my omnivorous music taste with its recently listened to list, I fear that it is terribly one sided. My top 8 artists are Sia and Norah Jones, who I listen to less at the minute as they were what I was most in to last year when I joined the site, Regina Spektor, Amos Lee, Laura Marling, Elliot Smith - who I don't even listen to that much, I just have all his albums and once ran through them all in a big go hence the high number, Ane Brun and Ben Kweller. All this is very chilled out and relaxed music or music I can sing along to.

When I'm in I usually have shuffle on so that I can listen to all sorts. At the minute my last 6 listened to tracks are:
The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Chris Cornells - Billie Jean (cover)
Jackson Browne - Running on Empty
Mr Mister - Broken Wings
Franz Ferdinand - Matinee
Ocean Colour Scene - The Circle

Despite this, the music I listen to on my mp3 player is very different. Happy fast music keeps me walking quickly and puts me in a good mood. I was on the bus listening to Queen's I Want It All followed by some Kimya Dawson. I like music like this.

It means that when I'm sitting on the bus and I start thinking and my internal thought voice starts chatting away, it's more like I'm summing up the end of a tv show, sort of like Zach Braff does at the end of Scrubs. It's silly, but I quite enjoy it.

Oh, the Eels song My Beloved Monster just came on. Tune and a half.

Today is going quite strangely. I didn't wake up till about 12, which is very unusual for me. I guess my body needed to crash out finally. I've had a pretty hectic week. Then Ryan turned out to be in Liverpool with nothing to do, and seeing as I haven't seen him for a year or so we met up and I introduced him to Wagamamas. I had a massive ramen, which contributes nicely to the good feeling I've got going on. We bummed around for a little while in town then I had to go as Batters and Jack are driving up and coming to stay for a night out and some fun times.

Can't believe the news at the minute. 5 of the Labour cabinet have left today. They seriously do not want Brown as the leader.

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