Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Exciting times

Today I head back up to Liverpool after a few days of relaxation in Wales. Just what the proverbial Doctor ordered, I think.

I'm being picked up at eleven by a young man in a car, who is taking me for a drink then dropping me off at the train station. I'm not quite sure if this is a date and how much of a non date status it has, but either way, it seems as though I have pre date nerves. I've not seen the young gentleman in question for a few years which is scary enough but also I have no idea how this could go. I genuinely think it will go well, despite this. Also, as its quite chilly I have been agonising over which outfit to wear for this quasi-date.

Seeing as I haven't seen him in a long time, I might play a game where we have to say one thing about ourselves alternatively. That way it'll spur off things to talk about that we didn't realise we had in common ....

Hang on. Isn't that what speed dating essentially is?

If this pseudo date is a date, then its possibly the first date I've had in years. Which is why I'm a bit anxious. Ah well, either way it'll be nice to catch up.

I was just listening to 5 Year's Time by Noah and the Whale, which I feel could almost be an appropriate first date song. The lyrics sing of happiness in five year's time with sweet moments at the zoo, but goes on to admit that there is a possibility that that might not happen and they might not even know each other in 5 year's time, but either way there'll be love wherever the other person goes. It's a very optimistic song about new love. I very much like it. Twee happy-clappy optimism does float my boat.

Anyway, I have to go get some hamster food for poor little Pepper in Liverpool before I get picked up for my anti-date so Lizzie out.

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