Thursday, 21 May 2009

Star Trek and Peach Schnapps

Star Trek.

Wow. I have never seen a film with so much lens flare in it my whole life. But, bajeezus it was bloody good. I am of the Next Generation ... generation, so my knowledge of the times of Kirk et al is a bit limited. I thought the casting was excellent, and Simon Pegg had me in stitches. I also got a little excited when they asked who had hand to hand combat skills to which Sulu replied yes, though it turned out it was just "fencing". Despite the fact that his fighting style wasn't really fencing, it was a film with both Star Trek and sword fighting in. WIN!

Jan came with us to check that the film was as good when sober as opposed to half cut. Apparently, it is. Though it was annoying that we all got sat at the front in silly seats, but still. Phwoar what a film.

Then we went back to Shona's for ring of fire - though not typical Earle Road rules which involve mixing, danger shots and general cruelty. The peach schnapps made me feel a little ill. Next time I'll just stick to the vodka. Though Towler was necking pure vodka during the waterfall and even tried some of Mike's home made weed vodka. Not for the faint hearted, to say the least. It's smell was described as "paint stripper" and it's taste was apparently much worse, as explained by Towler through all the manic, strangled giggling to ignore the fact that he'd just ingested something purely distasteful.

Now I'm in bed, in the morning trying to get myself up to go make Lucy's birthday cake. Everyone else has an exam at 10.00. I should have picked that physiology probably, but either way it would have been a poor performance. Thank god I still didn't have my heart set on being a vet - I'm shit at physiology!!!

Right, I'd better get baking. 1 coca cola chocolate cake topped with coca cola icing and smarties coming up, plus a batch of muffins for the zoo tomorrow! Ahh the things I do for friends.

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