Saturday, 23 May 2009

Boys, they be shit. Written whilst heavily intoxicated.

Please do not take the title light heartedly. It's 2.23am and I decided to leave the Peacock due to the blarg feelings of further drinking and the pain in my shoes - which appears to be due to the fact that thye completely need re-heeling. Jesus.

Talking to Sally and Kim for advice on living up the single life makes me think that, yes, boys are shit. Kate crying added to this fact. One rejection and one drunken offer averages out to an okay evening I guess.

I know it sounds stupid and probably big headed though its not because I'm actually pretty insecure, but I've not had a knock back of rejection for like... 5 years? Something retarded like that. This is all part of the learning process I'm goign through which is good. But yeah, something I've got to get used to again. I'm just feeling very drunk and awake but sleepy and yet desperate for someone to talk to and interact with at the least.

Either way, I'm probably incoherent. I'll go watch scrubs, like I announced as my housemate and I stormed into the house.

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