Thursday, 26 February 2009


Okay, just a little bit belated. This weekend I visited my friend Tom in York, where he's studying History and Politics. I cannot believe how stunning that city is. Even the campus is pretty awesome - it's all built around a lake in an almost figure eight shape. Everything is on campus too, as opposed to the University of Liverpool having Greenbank and Carnatic well out of the way.

I could not believe how many ducks there were. And coots. And swans. And geese. I also cannot beleive how few pictures I took of the wildlife - I am a poor zoology student. At Tom's halls, Alcuin, which for some reason sits a lot higher than any other part of the university, has semi nocturnal rabbits everywhere. At 1am on the saturday I was wandering around, slightly wine infused, naming as many as I could. I ran out of names fairly quickly - partly due to the amount of rabbits and partly due to the amount of wine I had consumed.

We did all the exceptionally touristy things such as visiting the Minster and walking up the 267 steps in spiral staircases up to the top of the tower. I was a bit nervous about this due to the blaring signs warning people with millions of problems, including asthma to stay away. Luckily, we were at the back of the 50 people climbing the tower, so got quite a few little rests on the way up. The view from the top was magnificent, if a little flat - where are the mountains!? I believe only Welsh people will understand this sort of confusion. We noticed two people kissing in some grounds beneath us, so we boomed out in a voice of God stylee 'YOU TWO, STOP YOUR CANOODLING!' They looked up, very bemused. We waved. They waved back. We laughed. They hid behind a tree.

I also spent far too much money at Betty's. Oh Betty, do stop making such lovely things so that I won't spend all my money in your shop. I can't believe I spent £16 on afternoon tea. To be fair, the pot yielded at least 4 cups worth of tea... but still. That is a lot. Here is a nice picture of us all looking quite refined. I'm pretty sure that 'quite' is the operative word here, for Towler looks ever so sinister behind all those lovely cakes. image could really do with a crop but I'm lazy, so no.

Such a beautiful place. Perhaps somewhere I could live in the future? Who knows.

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  1. "The view from the top was magnificent, if a little flat - where are the mountains!? I believe only Welsh people will understand this sort of confusion." - I understand completely, I felt the same thing when I went to the Netherlands. Far too flat for my liking, makes me nervous. Of course its one reason York has been notorious for flooding in years gone by.

    Also, thats a lovely final photo but you seem to be in dire peril from the evil creature in the background - some sort of Dr. Who villain: a man made of light, in a suit. He looks like he's advancing on you and will smash through the glass window at any moment. Thank goodness you got out of there in time.