Monday, 23 February 2009

I'm sitting here lamenting that I'm missing a grand total of three lectures today - two of those taught by the excellent Brian Moss who speaks so fast and so constant and has no words on his slides so that you are constantly touch typing/scrawling for a good hour. By the end of it you are begging for mercy while your hands throb with the ache of gained wisdom.

Anyway, I hate feeling ill. Bad tummy, most likely caused by the Burger King I scoffed on the train home from York. Bad head because I'm rubbish like that.

Junebug are keeping me sane, however. Good old Junebug. They're a three piece band from where I live (ish), two of which are brothers Latham. Ralphie has his own solo (ish) stuff. So happy and power poppy and nice. Like a big cuddle in the sunshine. Plus they have two songs that remind everyone from Abergele about their home life - Abergele and Sweet Mellow Water. Good times.

Hehehe Wizard, one of my roborovskis, is in her ball and is stuck on a slipper. D'aww.

Spent Saturday and most of Sunday in York. It was lovely seeing Tom, who lives there. It's his birthday today actually, yay happy birthday Tom! We did all the typical touristy things like visit the Minster and climb to the top, Jorvick viking centre, the Dungeons - which I was terrified in because the actors kept picking on me as I squealed most out of the group - Clifford's Tower, and the one and only Betty's! Best tea room in the whole world and I still can't believe I spent £16 on afternoon tea!

Sleep time now.

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