Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thursday Mornings, yeuch

Well Thursdays are pretty poo. I'm taking a module called Advanced Zoology, which my tutor runs, which basically consists of endless calibration curves. Today I get to play with crabs for a bit at least.... then take lots of haemolymph (blood, ish) samples from them. Hmm.

Feeling quite delicate today too. Last night we had a pot luck dinner party at my house. This is where you all bring a dish or two with you and then everyone shares out all the food. This time we had a 5 bean bake, ginger pork (mine), mozzarella and tomato starter, crusty bread, yakitori chicken (mine), balsamic and soy chicken (mine), vegetarian chilli with cheese and sour cream to top it, tonkatsu (mine), a fuckton of rice (mine), tiramasu and pecan pie. And mojitos. One of my friends, Lucy, is fairly inept at cooking according to herself so is in charge of cocktails. I'm not really sure why I feel iffy. Could be from eating that huge quantity of food.

Oh yeah, we had chocolate seashells too which my friend started trying to identify. You know you've hit a low point at a dinner party when the marine biologist shouts 'Yay I got a Mytilus edulis'.

On another note, the Lonely Island is the only thing keeping me alive in these early times... Well, 8am is kind of early. Being British, it's something I've not really come across, though I'm sure plenty of Americans are familiar. Natalie Portman's rap about her real life is my favourite. Clean version via.

Also, I'm now a ginge. I did it as a prank on my housemate who is obsessed with red heads. I came down and he was like "Oh god, CONFLICT".

Anyways, time to go stick some crabs :/

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