Monday, 10 August 2009

Ooh ideas

I have finally decided what this blog is going to be. It's going to be a recipe blog. I'm going to put up all the nice yummy things I make onto here, and it'll be more of an incentive for me to cook more things. I know its been done before, but hey, now its my turn.

First up is the yummy scrummy meal I made the other night. Mushroom, courgette and mozzarella tart. I decided to make this after buying a pot of mushrooms for a whopping 47p at Tesco and having a variety of odd vegetables in my fridge. So I typed in mushroom and courgette, as those seemed like closest to the ends of their happy lives, and voila I found this little gem. Very very easy to make and very nice. It turns out like a little posh pizza. Also, for those people who like day old pizza, you'll love this. I keep picking at it, because its so lovely! Simple and reasonably cheap. It can be quite easily manipulated for other left overs I feel. Good for students like myself.

I figured I should probably do something cooking wise. I love cooking and entertaining. Cooking for other people is one of my favourite things - seeing their faces when I've made them something scrummy. I'm still quite a novice and as I'm a student I'm always having to look for cheap ideas. But it's always nice when you cook lots of food and can tuck into a meal like this:

After making my little Japanese style banquet Arlo, my boyfriend, remarked that I was a wonderful little women. D'aww.
This consists of Tonkatsu, Ginger Pork, Courgette Tempura (not the most successful of tempura so far), Garlic fried Beansprouts and Rice seasoned with Star Anise.

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