Monday, 19 January 2009

Food with faces is certainly the best kind

My friend randomly linked me to this when we were talking about how good My Neighbour Totoro is - if you have not seen it, dear God, go buy as it is the perfect film to watch on blue days where you feel like poop.

Bento, for those who are unaware of what it is, is basically a Japanese packed lunch except that it can be made to look incredibly artistic and usually has a brilliant balance in terms of eating healthily. But Anna has gone one step further when it comes to making it look presentable by creating characters. This is called charaben, for the record. Some of her creations are mind bogglingly beautiful but she also provides a 'how-to' on each of them so that you can make your own. I plan to attempt a totoro, which is today's how to, at some point. I might post a picture of it so you can admire how appalling it is in comparison to this beauty above.

Have a look see via.

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